Facilitate by Tom Hershberger, Chief Executive Officer, Cross Financial

The challenges and stresses of 2020 produced significant advances in bank operations and

technology utilization that produced extraordinary results for many organizations. These advances can have continuing benefits for lending teams as they revealed how quickly opportunities can be pursued when teams are unified and focused on desired outcomes. While much was accomplished in 2020, the stress generated by high processing volumes and economic unknowns for customers also revealed areas for continued focus.


Together we will…

  • Review best practices for success that have become the norm in policies, procedures, and operations
  • Examine ways to evaluate performance and challenge teams to continue process improvement efforts
  • Assess important lessons learned related to relationship management and business development activities
  • Discuss how to leverage new or expanded relationships that were generated by the Paycheck Protection Program
  • Evaluate staff skills and development opportunities that were revealed during

unprecedented loan volume and customer communication activities

  • Explore management and leadership challenges that must be on the bank’s immediate development or enhancement list
  • Identify the practices that have changed with favorable results and things that still

require change to meet the changing needs of customers and business owners