Main Session – High Performance Idea Exchange

Facilitated by Neil Stanley, CEO & Founder, The CorePoint

The High Performance Idea Exchange provides CEOs with a unique opportunity to discover best practices and to learn from the bankers who are implementing these ideas. Attendees will share their innovative thoughts and ideas in a…

Main Session – How to Thrive as a Community Bank

Facilitated by Michael Holt, Partner and Mikelle Holt Brady, Partner, Profit Resources Inc.

Between regulatory pressures, the economic environment and customer expectations, there are many threats to the future of community banking. As recent events have propelled changes in …

Main Session – Corporate Planning For Your Bank’s Present and Future 

Facilitated by John Adams, Principal & Head of Investment Banking, Sheshunoff & Co Investment Banking and Robert Flowers, Partner, Stinson LLP

As a result of the contracting banking sector combined with massive government stimulus, the average community bank size is increasing at a fast pace. Banks of all sizes and geographies face new prospects – and uncertainties – posed by this shift…


Breakout Session – The Future is Now: Virtual Currencies, Blockchain, Smart Contracts and Artificial Intelligence for Financial Institutions.

Tim Dunfey

The global banking and payments system as we know it was established during WW2 and has lasted for 80 years helped in large part by the stability of the US Dollar.  That system is reaching the end of its useful life as both changing economic conditions and new technology…

Breakout Session -Interest Rate Risk, Liquidity and Investment Strategies for Uncertain Times

Ryan Hayhurst

Seemingly endless rounds of government stimulus have left community banks flush with liquidity and they are understandably unsure how to deploy that liquidity given the uncertainty of deposit stability and loan demand going forward.  This has led to a record compression of margin as banks remain highly asset…

General Session – Economic Update

Facilitated by Dr. Ed Seifried, Chairman, Seifried & Brew West


It’s not quite official, but for all practical purposes the Great COVID-19 Recession of 2020 is now behind us.  The 1st quarter 2021 GDP is significantly larger than the GDP that existed before the recession began.  This development indicates the lending environment in 2021-2022 will be much more favorable than 2020….