Main Session – High Performance Idea Exchange

Facilitated by George Kohlhofer, Principal, Technology Consulting, RSM US LLP 

Clark Oakley, EVP – Chief Operating Officer, Wilson Bank & Trust

The High Performance Idea Exchange provides an open forum for our members to discuss critical issues in technology, operations, and team management. With the emergence of greater customer demands, an ever-changing cyber threat landscape, and …

Main Session -What’s In Your Leadership Toolbox?

Facilitated by Julia Hernandez, Chief Operating Officer, The CorePoint

Many leaders of organizations have a depth of knowledge and expertise in their given industries and have risen through ranks into management and executives roles as their expertise grows.  In this session, leaders will be able to elevate that expertise by digging into the science of leadership itself…

Main Session – Behind the Curtain: Cornerstone Insights and Discussions

Facilitated by: Ryan Rackley, Partner, Cornerstone Advisors

The Cornerstone session provides a unique opportunity to peek “behind the curtain” of the industry. Attendees will learn Cornerstone insights from the field, obtain impactful knowledge, while also participating in lively discussion.

Topics this session will address include:

  • The quest for deposits; war or opportunity?
  • 5 Dysfunctions of growing banks
  • Fintech. Discuss case studies and key trends
  • Avoiding hidden gotchas in vendor contracts

Main Session – Seven Truths About Tech?

Facilitated by: Jason Dutchak, Executive Vice President & Board Member, BankOnIt

Banks everywhere are taking advantage of new technologies to streamline their operations and give their customers better experiences. From loan processing, in-branch technology, and mobile banking to Banking-as-a-Service, platform banking and neobank startups, technology has its hand in seemingly every aspect of financial services.

Endless opportunities, legitimate headwinds and ‘noise’ in the industry can make it hard to know where to start. We’ll begin with seven truths about the banking technology landscape and discuss ways to position your institution to make the most out of digital solutions.

During this session we will discuss:

  • How technology plays into your overall bank strategy
  • The role a stable technology foundation plays in allowing your bank to do more
  • The latest in cyber threats and ways to protect your bank
  • The latest in regulatory scrutiny around bank IT

General Session – Economic Update

Facilitated by Dr. Ed Seifried

Dr. Ed Seifried will again walk us through the maze of economic data relevant to bankers.  With all the turmoil in 2022, many factors indicate calendar year 2023 could very well be the start of an economic downturn/recession…