Main Session – High Performance Idea Exchange

Facilitated by Geri R. Forehand, President & CEO, Forehand Strategy Group

The High Performance Idea Exchange provides an open forum for senior lending and senior credit officers to discuss the opportunities and challenges facing community banks today. Facilitated by an industry expert, the session allows attendees to actively contribute and determine the topics of discussion. This unique format gives participants the chance to shape the session dialogue and fosters the free exchange of information among peers. Ideas shared typically focus on hot topics in the industry, including the various loan strategies, risk management tactics, services and products that have proven successful for today’s community banks. This session will

  • Consider ways to promote and encourage more innovation in the lending area for enhanced profitability
  • Share ideas to increase earnings and compete effectively in the current lending environment
  • Provide an opportunity for attendees to develop knowledge in areas of utmost importance to today’s lending and credit executives

Main Session – The Changing Landscape of Commercial Real Estate Lending

John Barrickman, President, New Horizons Financial Group

Commercial real estate (CRE) lending has been significantly impacted by disruption fostered by changing technology. This disruption has resulted in dramatic changes in the types of income property and space required for specific income properties to support the economy. The COVID-19 virus has only accelerated the impact of that disruption.

The events of the last ten months will fundamentally change the economy with dramatic impact on the performance of income properties, e.g., hospitality, office and multifamily. John Barrickman will lead you through the factors potentially impacting your bank’s portfolio and share the steps your bank should be taking now to continue to reduce potential portfolio credit problems and continue to thrive.

Topics to be addressed in this session include:

  • Regulatory concerns prior to COVID-19
  • Lessons to be learned from prior credit crises
  • Assessing the impact of market disrupters
  • Changes in accounting treatment of operating leases
  • Pending phase out of LIBOR
  • Market monitoring
  • Borrower and portfolio stress testing

General Session – Economic Update

Facilitated by Dr. Ed Seifried, Chairman, Seifried & Brew West

Economic Update:  A Lender’s Guide to the Economy in 2021

As we begin 2021, we are faced with the realization that COVID-19 has not retreated yet, as much as we are ready to see it in our rearview mirror. The virus continues to infect and kill people around the world and new strains are adding to the crisis.  If this results in more economic lockdowns, it seems reasonable to assume that the economy will follow a path like it did after the first series of lockdowns.

As lenders you understand that growth in the US GDP represents your loan customer’s basic ability to repay their debt.  While GDP for the final quarter of 2020 was +4.0%, for the calendar year 2020 the nation’s output slipped by -3.5%.  Dr. Ed will forecast when that deficit will likely be made up and what kind of economic and loan growth we can expect post COVID-19.

In response to the 2020 economic distress the FOMC dropped rates from the 1.50 – 1.75% range to the 0.00 – 0.25% range.  Dr. Ed will review the most recent FOMC decisions and discuss their impact on your business.  Finally, Dr. Ed will attempt to forecast the interest rate path that we will likely face in 2021.

General Session – Sales and Marketing in the Post-COVID Age

Mark Gibson, Senior Consulting Associate, Capital Performance Group

While marketing has helped retail and business banking generate new customers for years, corporate banking didn’t require much more than brochures, pitch books, sponsorships and event support.  This is not the case anymore!  The pandemic put a stop to much face-to-face engagement, and many commercial banking and lending teams have asked their marketing departments to help fill the void.


Our facilitator for this session, Mark Gibson, Senior Consultant at Capital Performance Group, has supported commercial bankers from a marketing standpoint for more than 25 years and brings practical experience into the conversation.  This session will build on success stories from large and small banks alike, and will explore topics such as:


  • What marketing can do to help commercial bankers and lenders find and close new business
  • How marketing can partner with your lending teams to optimize success
  • How digital marketing can be used to generate demand
  • The role of CRM and marketing automation in driving growth