Main Session I – High Performance Idea Exchange

Facilitated by Geri R. Forehand, President & CEO, Forehand Strategy Group

The High Performance Idea Exchange provides an open forum for senior lending and senior credit officers to discuss the opportunities and challenges facing community banks today. Facilitated by an industry expert, the session allows attendees to actively contribute and determine the topics of discussion. This unique format gives participants the chance to shape the session dialogue and fosters the free exchange of information among peers. Ideas shared typically focus on hot topics in the industry, including the various loan strategies, risk management tactics, services and products that have proven successful for today’s community banks. This session will

  • Consider ways to promote and encourage more innovation in the lending area for enhanced profitability
  • Share ideas to increase earnings and compete effectively in the current lending environment
  • Provide an opportunity for attendees to develop knowledge in areas of utmost importance to today’s lending and credit executives


Main Session II – High Performance Idea Exchange

Facilitated by Dave Etter, Managing Director, Loan Review

The past 24 months has been a tumultuous time for our industry. The painful memories of the initial impact of COVID, PPP 1 and PPP 2 Loan Applications (and Forgiveness) requests, Loan Deferrals, Cares Act.  Fun times for all!

There are long-term changes that have arisen out of these past 24 months that may have a profound impact on how we manage our institutions going forward.

  • How do we operate efficiently and effectively in some form of dispersed remote- work environment? This could be completely remote or some hybrid of in office/remote.
  • The Great Resignation. How has this affected your institutions?  What is the impact of recruiting, impact on compensation (wages, benefits and work environment)?

How do you view the Commercial Lending landscape for the next 24 months? What industry segments are you targeting for loan growth? Reducing your exposure? and why?

What are the expectations of our Regulators (and sound banking practices) as we are (hopefully) emerging out of the worst of the pandemic era?

General Session – Economic Update

Facilitated by Dr. Ed Seifried

Commercial lenders and their customers will face an economic problem that has not been seen for almost three decades.  Many observers were concerned that the 2020 Covid recession would eventually cause loan quality issues in 2021.  By and large this issue never developed.  Loan loss provisions which had been beefed up in 2020 appeared to be sufficient.  Instead, by year end 2021, it was high inflation which seemed to be the major issue we would face in 2022.

It now seems clear that inflation that will gain the bulk of the Fed’s attention in 2022.  Chairman Powell has argued for most of 2021 that high inflation is an aberration, mostly caused by virus-induced supply chain issues.  He called current inflation “transitory”.  But after inflation broke the 6% barrier, he changed his tune.  When pressed by US senators at his quarterly congressional testimony to explain why he holds that inflation is transitory, he responded, “It’s probably a good time to retire that word and explain more clearly what we mean.”

The problem of high inflation has caused the Fed to pivot away from reducing unemployment to getting a better grip on inflation.  The bond buying taper that the Fed imposed at its November FOMC meeting now seems too little, too late.  Chairman Powell admitted as much during his November 30, 2021, Senate testimony when he said, “ The economy is very strong and inflationary pressures are high, and it is therefore appropriate in my view to consider wrapping up the taper of our asset purchases…perhaps a few months sooner.”

Dr. Ed will report on just what all this means for community banking.  He will provide reasoned answers for many of the questions you are most likely to receive from your customers.

General Session- Making It Happen

Facilitated by Steve Robichaux, Capital City Consultants


As leaders, achieving goals is critical to your success and the success of your organization.  With all the changes sparked by the developments of the last two years, you and your staff can often feel overwhelmed with all the tasks vying for your attention.  Motivating ourselves and our staff while keeping a focus on productivity takes commitment and starts with the little things.  Inspiring your staff and creating a culture of efficiency doesn’t happen overnight but is earned and nurtured over time.  During this session we will:

  • Explore some underlying assumptions about motivation
  • Examine effective and ineffective behaviors of leaders
  • Consider how the behaviors of leaders impact others
  • Plant the seed of motivation through authentic engagement and personal incentives