Main Sessions

Brad Guenther

Brad Guenther

With over 20 years’ experience in the commercial banking industry as well as private industry financial management, Brad brings a unique perspective as a user of and participant in the systems and processes of today’s financial institutions. This background allows Brad to understand the challenges faced by the institution across the entire organization and develop practical solutions to assist the institution in improving efficiencies, developing and leveraging current-state and future-state technology, and process improvement…

John Hurlock

John Hurlock is the Founder and President of Smarter Risk Management, a boutique risk management consulting firm focused on developing and delivering risk management services and solutions to financial institutions, government entities and industries throughout the United States and in international emerging markets.

Through his SMARTER approach to risk management, John applies a comprehensive ERM methodology that consists of structured and consistent risk management processes, resulting in strategic, financial, and operational benefits that strengthen the organization and reduce the potential for unexpected losses …

General Sessions

Dr. Seifried is Professor Emeritus of Economics and Business at Lafayette College in Easton, Pennsylvania.  He also serves as the Executive Consultant for the Sheshunoff CEO Affiliation Programs, and Chief Economist for SB Value Partners.

Dr. Seifried is the dean of the Virginia and West Virginia Banking Schools and currently is on the faculty of the Southwest Graduate School of Banking.  In addition, he has served on the faculty of numerous banking schools including: Stonier Graduate School of Banking, and the Graduate School of Banking of the South …