Main Sessions

John Barrickman

John Barrickman is president of New Horizons Financial Group a financial services industry consulting firm nationally recognized as an expert in the areas of comprehensive credit risk management, credit process, loan policy formation, asset quality rating frameworks, risk based pricing and lender development.  A former bank CEO with insightful real-world experience, Barrickman is an engaging professional presenter with unique insights on industry and market trends based upon his breadth of expertise and understanding of banking as a business in an ever-changing environment.

Mr. Barrickman has developed and presents commercial lending programs for several commercial banks. Barrickman has also served on the faculty of all six of the graduate banking schools.  He has taught for various commercial lending schools associated with State Banking Associations, the Federal Reserve System, RMA, and the American Bankers Association. Barrickman has also taught for banking institutes in Kuwait, Poland, Slovakia, Lithuania and the Czech Republic, and has authored curricula on commercial lending used by 13 state commercial lending schools and curricula used to train banks in Central and Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union. An award-winning contributor to the RMA Journal, he has also co-authored a book entitled Strategic Credit Risk Management for RMA.

A Kentucky native, he holds an undergraduate degree in Economics and an MBA in Finance from the University of Kentucky.

Geri R. Forehand

Geri Forehand is a Certified Professional Consultant to Management and is President and CEO of Forehand Strategy Group, LLC. He previously served as National Director of Strategic Services for Sheshunoff Consulting + Solutions and Executive Director of the Affiliation Program. He has over 35 years of financial institution experience through his employment as a banker and a consultant. He has served as a director for several community banks and is qualified by banking regulatory agencies to perform mandated management and board reviews, as well as strategic planning, capital planning, and profit planning.

Geri has been a featured speaker for the American Bankers Association and the Independent Community Bankers Association, as well as numerous state associations and other national organizations. He has completed the Director Education Institute program at Duke University and has studied at the Sloan School of MIT. He received a BBA in economics from the University of Georgia, and he also holds an MBA from Georgia State University with a double major in finance and marketing.

General Sessions

Chairman, Seifried & Brew West


Dr. Ed Seifried is currently Executive Consultant and Chief Economist of the Sheshunoff Affiliation Programs and Chairman of Seifried & Brew West. He is also Professor Emeritus of Economics and Business at Lafayette College in Easton, Pennsylvania. Dr. Ed also serves as the Dean of the Virginia and West Virginia Banking Schools and has served on the faculty of numerous banking schools.

Dr. Ed frequently appears as a guest speaker at regional and national conferences and has delivered over 2,000 presentations to various groups in the United States and abroad. He is a consultant to the banking industry and is well known as a speaker at bank customer events and as a strategic planner. He is the author of the book, The Art of Strategic Planning for Community Banks. In addition to his academic and consulting experience, he currently serves as a director of a community bank.

Mark Gibson

Senior Consulting Associate, Capital Performance Group

While marketing has helped retail and business banking generate new customers for years, corporate banking didn’t require much more than brochures, pitch books, sponsorships and event support.  This is not the case anymore!  The pandemic put a stop to much face-to-face engagement, and many commercial banking and lending teams have asked their marketing departments to help fill the void.


Our facilitator for this session, Mark Gibson, Senior Consultant at Capital Performance Group, has supported commercial bankers from a marketing standpoint for more than 25 years and brings practical experience into the conversation.  This session will build on success stories from large and small banks alike, and will explore topics such as:


  • What marketing can do to help commercial bankers and lenders find and close new business
  • How marketing can partner with your lending teams to optimize success
  • How digital marketing can be used to generate demand