Sheshunoff Banking Conferences

Offering practical solutions for today's challenges

If you’re like most bank executives, you’re looking for innovative ways to enhance revenue, reduce expenses and deal with increasing regulatory requirements…just to name a few things of importance today.

For over 39 years, Sheshunoff Affiliation banking conferences have put you in touch with other bankers facing similar challenges. By interacting with bank peers from across the nation and banking experts, you’re guaranteed to discover the strategic initiatives and best practices you need to enhance performance and tackle the many challenges in today’s constantly changing environment.

Sheshunoff Offers Three Different Affiliation Programs

Offering practical solutions for today's challenges
CEO Affiliation Program
  • For bank chief executive officers and presidents
  • Meetings are 2 ½ days
  • Hold 8 different meetings per year

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Senior Lending Officer Affiliation Program
  • For bank senior lending and credit executives
  • Meetings are 1 ½ days
  • Held at 4 different locations per year
Technology and Operations Officer Affiliation Program
  • For bank technology and operations officers
  • Meetings are 2 ½ days
  • Held at 1 location per year

The Affiliation Program Membership includes

Consulting + Solutions
One or two live meetings per year
Economic webinars led by Dr. Ed Seifried
Access to economic data and other information on the website
Customized financial reports

Bank peer groups – networking in an interactive environment

Each group in The Affiliation Programs is limited to 20-24 bankers from similar asset-sized bank peer groups from non-competing banks, providing a true networking experience. Utilizing a “roundtable” format, our facilitators provide expert advice in a highly interactive setting.

The High Performance Idea Exchange – a perennial favorite with attendees — gives you the opportunity to hear the success stories and lessons learned from other bankers. During this part of the meeting, you will participate in a free and open exchange of ideas and information, discuss critical issues that affect your bank and focus on initiatives to improve performance.

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