Gain new insights to maximize your technology investment and operational effectiveness

Technology and Operations executives are more challenged and stretched than ever before. The expert facilitation and peer interaction offered by the Technology & Operations Officer Affiliation Program will provide you with ideas guaranteed to enhance operations and maximize technology to help you meet these many demands. Whether you’re looking for different methods to leverage technology, increase operational efficiencies, or prepare for IT exams, you’ll walk away with numerous ideas that address these key areas.

Share best practices with your peers

As a participant in the Technology & Operations Officer Affiliation Program, you’ll discover ways to maximize your effectiveness and gain insight on the latest technology and software. At this interactive meeting, you’ll spend 2 1/2 days tapping into the insights of your peers and industry experts as you maneuver today’s diverse and rapidly changing banking environment.

What Technology and Operations Officers Say About the Program….

“Great networking – incredibly valuable information!”

“I enjoyed that all the presenters embraced interaction rather than just presenting. I took away pages of ideas.”

“This is done right and what an educational conference should be. Very enjoyable.”